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Editorial: Unforgettable Stories Kindle Edition

America has always had a close association with its southern neighbor, Mexico. From wars between the countries in the early days, to floods of migration across the Rio Grande in more recent times, it is a connection that hasn’t always been relaxed and was occasionally bloody.

But despite the conflicts that have punctuated this uneasy relationship there have also been great men and women who emerged and who have done much to enrich the lives of people on both sides of the border.

Inside the pages of Mexicans and Mexican Americans: Remarkable Lives, Unforgettable Stories, you will unearth some of the most remarkable people of Mexican descent, including sports personalities, literary giants and those who have made history come alive.

These people have made a huge difference to many aspects of our lives and, in order to appreciate and respect their contributions, this fascinating and unique work seeks to showcase their achievements and bring a new level of understanding to them.

Mexicans and Mexican Americans have made a significant impact throughout many years of collaboration between these two great countries. Now you can share in that success by reading their stories.

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