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Site for Teaching from the Heart.

Book list from Library Thing.

Author page at Linked-In.

Selected Reviews

Reviews of Hogan books. Subscription site.

Amazon reviews of Irish Soldiers of Mexico.

Mexican Connect review of Mexican Mornings.

Review of Irish Soldiers by Fr. Jaime Fogarty in an Argentine magazine.

Humorous illustrated review of Hogan's animated workshops.

Review of Hogan's Irish history by Prof. Hans Vogel from Leiden University (Netherlands).

Selected Poetry and Prose

Article on the Church in Latin America.

Global Village of Gated Community?

Spanish version of article.

Catholic magazine article on Irish in Mexico. Reprinted from Crisis Magazine.

Guatemala: Dismantling the Central American Gangs.

Keynote speech on Cultural Diversity in the 21st Century.

Presentation speech for Teaching from the Heart.

Catholic Church in Latin America.

Hogan translation of Mario Benedetti poem "Hechos/Noticias"

Article on universities in Latin America (en español)

Article on the best Catholic universities in Latin America.

"With the Land Mine Removal Team in Nicaragua" on Sam Hamill's great site for Poets Against the War.

"The Rise of a New Latin America."

"Vidas Perdidas´┐Ż." En español. Article on gangs in Latin America.

"Quiet Gestures, Heroic Acts." Interview with Robert Ellsberg.

Poetry in the Innisfree Poetry Journal.

Section of "Intelligent Mistakes" adapted by Colegio Menor in Quito, Ecuador.

"A Necklace of Fires" in Sin Fronteras.


List of the Irish Global 100. People of Irish descent who have made an impact globally.

Singer Prize. Harvard University.

Robert Shafer Memorial Award for contributions to International Education.

Benjamin Franklin Award.

Author page at Linked-In.


"One Man's Hero" starring Tom Berenger. Hogan was historian for the film.

Video clip of "One Man's Hero"

Viewer comments on "One Man's Hero."